Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rick Rubin

"I never decide if an idea is good or bad until I try it. So much of what gets in the way of things being good is thinking that we know. And the more that we can remove any baggage we're carrying with us, and just be in the moment, use our ears, and pay attention to what's happening, and just listen to the inner voice that directs us, the better."
-Rick Rubin

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Inquisitr.com Covers the Stars Dance remix

An excerpt of the inquisitr article. 
In addition to signing a new management deal with Brillstein Entertainment Partners, the actress-singer recently inked a new record deal with Interscope. For You is expected to drop on November 24.
Until then — and before more is revealed about the films and TV series Selena is involved in — a terrific, official, dubstep remix of “Stars Dance” by Dubkiller featuring Mark Victor as Ca$hizz Klay has arrived.
A deconstructed remix showcasing Joao Pedro Mourao on acoustic guitar is also on tap.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Selena Gomez - Stars Dance Dubkiller remix featuring Ca$hizz Klay

I helped in the production of the original album version of Stars Dance. I wanted to take it a little further with the remix. Mark Victor aka Ca$hizz Klay provides some dope bars too. Enjoy. Be sure to get the free download on my soundcloud. Be sure to friend me in Facebook and follow me on twitter if you like it.