Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kanye West and The Grammys

Beyonce is clearly a talented singer and performer. I don't have a problem with her using all the different writers and producers she uses to make her art. Thats actually how I make my living. I know from first hand experience that sometimes it takes an army to craft a pop song. You get the best at their position to contribute. You'll never see me play a guitar on an album. I'll get an amazing player to do that. There are different types of artists and there are places for them. However this Buzzfeed article on why Beck won over Kanye has some pretty funny and valid points. If there ever was a "Real Artist" with artistry, Beck certainly falls in that category. My problem is not with Kanye being a world class jack ass. Its that he ignorantly bullies other creatives. I don't think Kanye is a bad person, he just buys into his own B.S. and does stupid shit sometimes. More than that I think he is talented and I've certainly enjoyed a lot of his music. By the way it's just a Grammy. Of course I'd love to have one some day, but it in no way should it define the value of someones art and handwork. Its still just opinions of geriatric white Academy members. I bet most of the people voting haven't heard a lot of the music nominated. There are so many categories to vote for its overwhelming. It's all about familiarity and name recognition. There is certainly a lot of money and politicing that goes into it. too. Which helps with the familiarity. Great music stands the test of time. Check back in 10 years and see which of these winning songs is still getting played at weddings.
I don't agree with a lot of the choices myself. The most talented musicians and artists out there may never get even nominated because they are too left of center. Art is subjective. It means different things to different people. I may not like something or even understand it but it may still have value. Does it deserve a grammy? Who Knows? I certainly believe that there is good and bad art. But who cares? If you're nominated for a Grammy you're probably pretty good at what you do. You've also most likely worked your ass off for it. I didn't mean to write all of this. By no means am I a writer. My favorite music makes me feel something. I don't claim to have good taste in music. If it sounds good to me and it makes me feel something... I'm in. Anywyay..... Hey Beyonce, Beck and Kanye! Call me so I can help write and produce your next album!