Thursday, March 28, 2013

10 Must Try Software Plug-ins for producers

10. Despite having been around for quite some time, PSPaudioware’s VintageWarmer has rightfully earned its place among the plug-in elite. Acting as a single or multi-band limiter, compressor, and analog-modeled saturator, VintageWarmer is a quick and easy solution to fatten up individual tracks, groups, or even your entire mix. The latest installer includes three slightly different versions of the plug-in: PSP MicroWarmer, PSP VintageWarmer (LE), and the newer PSPVintageWarmer2, which includes a double-sampling mode generally recommended for mastering purposes.

9. No plug-in list would be complete without an equalizer, and for us, FabFilter’s Pro-Q is the ultimate weapon of choice. It doesn’t have any groundbreakingly unique features, but the elegant user interface, tasteful color contrasts, and smooth sound are more than enough to make Pro-Q stand out on its own. Throw in up to 24 bands of control and you’ve got pretty much everything you could ask for in a modern digital equalizer.

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