Monday, February 14, 2011

DUBKILLER- My 1st Dubstep release

My first Dubstep release is out on DJ Raps Propa Talent Record Label. You can purchase them on iTunes, Beatport or any other digital download store.

The songs feature "former lead singer of Adema" Bobby Reeves.  Singer /DJ AngelFreq, as well as rappers/mcs Ed E Ruger and Mark Victor.

Much to the chagrin of "dubstep purists" I wanted to combine rock and hip hop and dubstep to make something new. That pretty much somes up the sound of these songs. You can listen to them here. or

Check out the promo videos for the release. 

I've already finished a few dubstep remixes for upcoming releases by DJ Rap. I'm really proud of the way they turned out and can't wait for you guys to hear them. BThey are by far some of the craziest production I've done.
I'm also 1/4 of the dubstep/hip hop group "DUB-BORO" whose other members are the aforementioned Ed E Ruger on vocals as well as DJ Phillie Phresh and producer extraordinaire JJ the Jenius. We have a record in the works that will be out later this year. 

I will have a more in depth post on DUB-BORO in the near future. Big things are already happening with DUB-BORO that I can't wait to share. 

Buy the songs here!

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