Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stutter Edit. Bringing stutters and glitches to the average pppproducer

Izotope has recently released Stutter Edit developed by electronic musician BT.

Stutter Edit slices up audio and sequences the fragments into rhythmic effects triggered via midi notes. Users can also manipulate gate, pan, digital distortion, delays, filters, and noise sweep modules. Stutter Edit can be used to enhance your latest productions but it was also designed to be used live, and features a great MIDI control scheme.

Stutter Edit is available for PC and Mac in VST, AU, and RTAS formats, and costs $249. Buy it before February and get it for the introductory price of $149.

No doubt that there are some really cool sounding effects that you can do with this toy. I've already purchased mine and have already implemented it in a couple of upcoming releases. I'd recommend it for sure but I'd also recommend how to do stutter edits and glitches yourself. I've been doing it for a while and found the you can bring your track to a whole new level of creative cool with precise and rhythmic edits. Lately I've been mixing my own stutters and glitches with effectrix and now stutter edit. Makes for some cool sounds. Knowing how to make your own stutter edits and glitches should definitely be a tool in the modern producers repertoire.

I would caution that all the cool effects in the world don't take place of a good song. They can only bring it to another level. Work on getting your song/track writing as solid as possible.

Although I don't claim to be an expert on anything production related I know enough to be dangerous lol. I may in the near future do a tutorial on creating stutters and glitches.

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