Friday, February 18, 2011

Spectrasonics "Trillian" The Ultimate Bass Plug in?

I acquired Trillian today. It's installing as I write this. It requires a massive amount of free hard drive space at 35 gigs. I have one terabyte on my macs internal hard drive but I've decided to install it on aan external hard drive.

So I got to play with this plug-in a little bit at a West L.A. Music expo a couple of months ago. The bass sounds I heard we're nothing short of phenomenal. I've been salivating for it ever since. Can't wait to start making music with this.

To quote my production partner and friend. "Trillian has bass for days".

This is not a payed endorsement however should spectrasonics want to.....  I'd be willing to accept.

"The only bass plug-in you need? Absolutely… if you can't find the bass you need here, you're doing something wrong."
-Future Music

"A musical instrument that begs to be played, Trilian isn't just the best bass instrument on the market, it sets the gold standard for years to come."

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