Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Making Dub Step 101

I got turned onto dubstep about 9 months ago and was immediately hooked. Dubstep originated in South East London and is an electronic form of dance music. It's usually super bass heavy and a lot of the time it incorporates dirty wobble bass lines. Its also usually based around a 2-step drum pattern that hovers around 140 beats per minute.

Dubsteps been around for 10 or 12 years but has really gotten big over the last year or so, especially in England.

Dubstep officially hit the mainstream last month when Britney Spears latest single "Hold it Against Me" incorporated a dubstep bridge in the song. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hold_It_Against_Me

Rumor has it that even Miley Cyrus and Joe Jonas are incorporating dubstep into their new releases.

I have a dubstep release that came out in December on Propa Talent Records. That release featured myself of course as well as Bobby Reeves formerly of Adema. AngelFreq. Ed E Ruger and Mark Victor. You can buy it on iTUNES here. http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/boom-ep/id406351503

I'll have other videos dedicated to that release on our youtube channel at www.youtube.com/markvictor5

Another great place you can check out the latest and best dubstep releases is here.


The video above was my first attempt at dubstep.

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